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Automation software for contracts and legal documents

LawboxPRO is a premium document automation software, allowing you to draft (legal) documents from automated templates. The software is fully integratable and customisable thanks to the micro-services architecture. Save valuable time in the following areas:

Template management


Document drafting


Review and Signing

How it works
How it works

Document drafting made simple

By filling out online forms or importing data, documents are automatically customised in a pre-defined way, using your own templates.

Turn static Word files into dynamic templates

Do it yourself or ask the Lawbox experts to assist you.

Draft (legal) documents in an automated way

Conditional statements and decision trees speed up the process.

Use generated document

Edit, download or share the generated documents; or simply sign them using your online signature provider of choice.

Integrate and add functionalities on the go

LawboxPRO can integrate with your existing software tools and our experts can add custom functionalities.

Delegate to other teams and improve compliance

Your sales, HR, or other teams can immediately draft contracts when needed, allowing the legal department to focus on real legal issues. Drop-down menus can restrict options or define that full text can only be inserted in the pre-defined fields.

Improve efficiency

Simultaneously draft contracts in different languages, import data from other systems, integrate with official databases or simply check the right boxes.

Customise and integrate

LawboxPRO is fully integratable and customisable thanks to its micro-services architecture. You need an additional functionality or we haven't integrated with the CRM, ERP or DMS you use? We'll develop it for you!

Sign and manage contracts online

Immediately sign the generated documents with the online signature provider of your choice, set alerts and reminders, organise your contracts in folders, add tags and upload attachments, additional information and documents.

Additional services offered by Lawbox

LawboxPRO can be integrated with your existing IT and business systems and processes.

Software integration

Integrate LawboxPRO with the other software solutions you’re using today.

Automation experts

Our automation experts can automate your templates for you. No need to waste time on uploading them yourself.

Custom functionalities

LawboxPRO is missing a functionality you desperately need? We'll develop it for you!

Other needs?

LawboxPRO is a microservice platform (API), so we can fully adapt it to your specific needs.
You want to set up your own platform?

Offer a branded platform to your clients

Expand your service offering to include additional legal services. Use our software to create a templating platform in your own name. Everything, from branding and content, to automation and support, is taken care of by Lawbox and tailored to your bespoke needs

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www.lawbox.be is a webshop for legal documents, tailored to the needs of start-ups and SME’s.

White Labels

You want to offer legal documents in your own name? We also develop platforms with custom branding and content.


DataPrivacyBox is our GDPR-compliance tool, tailored to SME's.


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